Sports Nutrition

How the body goes about converting food into fuel depends on a couple of factors. With a basic understanding of these systems we can assist athletes in training and eating efficiently so that they can perform their best during game time. It’s important for them to know how nutrients supply their body and why they should feed their body certain foods. Carbs, fats and proteins all contribute to the energy that they need and this energy will then be converted into ATP. This allows the muscles to contract although each nutrient has its own property that will determine how it gets converted.


The carbohydrate is the main nutrient that fuels exercise of either a moderate intensity or at a high intensity. Fat can fuel the low intensity workouts for a certain period of time, but proteins are what are being used to repair the body tissue. The body cannot store the ATP which is why it is necessary to continue creating it during exercise. The body converts the nutrients in two major ways and that is through aerobic metabolism through oxygen and anaerobic metabolism which is without oxygen.

These two pathways can be divided furthermore and the combination of these energy systems gives our bodies the fuel that it needs to exercise. The intensity and the duration of the exercise will determine to what extent it is being used. Sports nutrition ties into your strength training which will tone your muscles and improve your overall appearance. With a consistent and regular program you can significantly reduce the amount of body fat that you have and increase your muscle mass. This will allow your body to burn fat much more efficiently. For the majority of people, only one set of these exercises focuses on the major muscle groups, and they do not need to do those physical activities all the time.

Where to do Strength Training

You can do strength training anywhere – either in the gym or in the comfort of your own home. It’s your decision as to whether or not you want to work with free weights or weight machines, which are very popular strength training tools. You can even do strength training with very inexpensive tubing, even using your very own body weight. With the correct technique you may find that your body is transforming right away and that the stamina and strength in your body is improving immensely within a short amount of time.